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X and Y Axis Graph Printable

X and Y Axis Graph

Making graphs with a given measurement needs coordination. That’s how to coordinate graphing term came into existence. It is often taken as a difficult task, but with the right guidance & sheets, graphs can be drawn easily. Relationship with different dimensions can be adjusted on the vector scale. The coordination of the X and Y […]

Free Fraction Strips Printable Worksheets

Fraction Strips Printable

Fraction is an important part of calculation in mathematics and other subjects like physics and chemistry. Every student must know the use of fractions for solving different sums. Magnetic Fraction Strips having several questions can be used for practice.  All fractions like 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8, 1/10, 1/12 can be used for practice with […]

Highlights Hidden Pictures Printable

Hidden Pictures Printable

Do you know hidden pictures are very entertained for kids? The fun of coloring and the revealing hidden picture is unique; sometimes children involve you in the hidden picture and entertain you too. Here in this site, we are providing Hidden Pictures Highlights, take a printout and have a fund with your kids. First, click […]

Printable Math Worksheets for Kindergarten

Printable Math Worksheets for Kindergarten Addition

Education is essential for the path of universal salvation and career goals. It makes an individual able to understand the real social, financial & educational aspect. Everyone needs to study appropriately to learn the essential concepts of every subject. Knowledge makes a man complete with all the requirements to live with. The beginning age of […]

Employee Attendance Sheet 2019

Employee Attendance Sheet Excel

Every employee can be tracked down with the assistance of the Employee Attendance Sheet. This simple sheet is pretty much capable to track down all the features of punctuality of an employee. It is a common thing used in most of the offices. Tracking employee attendance will assist to get accurate data of the employees. […]